Book Industry Grant

The Book Development Association of the Philippines (BDAP), in consonance with the industry’s vision and mission aims
to become a major participant of the global book industry, improve its competitiveness, integrate with the regional and global community and equitable growth within its ranks. BDAP has set forth guidelines for the approval of funding
of projects or programs for further advancement of the book industry’s goals.

Yearly, the BDAP Board will set up a fund for the purpose of its mission-vision. This fund is for the upliftment
and development of the book industry as a whole.

The Fund will be governed and supervised by a “Fund Committee” that will have a full responsibility for funding decisions.
The committee shall comprise four (4) members represented by whoever assigned or delegated by the following organizations:
Book Development Association of the Philippines, Philippine Booksellers Association, Inc.,
Asian Catholic Communications, Inc. and Overseas Publishers’ Representative Association of the Philippines. The committee's assignment shall be coterminous with the BDAP board officials.

The organization who will apply for the grant must be a member of a book industry organization, duly registered under the Securities and Exchange Commission, and a registered member of the National Book Development Board. The committee shall review all proposed program based on their concept notes. The proposed project must be aligned with the Fund Committee's goals and objectives:

   1. Develop a mindset for innovation to keep up with constant change by:
       •    Doing constant research and development to come up with new product offerings
       •    Accessing ways to reach diverse markets, locally and internationally
       •    Using new technologies to diversify and create new content

   2. Improve quality of its products and processes by:
       •    Removing silos of information within the industry
       •    Finding new, high quality and sustainable raw materials for printed content
       •    Sourcing content  and talent both locally and internationally to improve quality

   3.  Instill within its content creators and processors a desire for excellence by:
       •    Providing value to the content by adding high quality workforce: editors, book designers, marketing and publicity personnel
       •    Creating products that may be branded internationally as unique to the Philippines but have international appeal

   4.  Fulfill diverse domestic demand for quality of books that are reasonably priced by:
       •    Uplifting the standards of the workforce by developing their skills and creating specialties that rival internationally available                    content.
       •    Developing an environment that encourages exchange and creativity among content creators, publishers, and consumers

    5.  Integrate with the international community; (ASEAN and beyond) by:
       •    Creating new products that are responsive to the divers demands of the Philippine market.
       •    Expanding the availability of books.

    6.  Achieve equitable distribution of wealth through the viability of the publishing process at every stage of the value chain, even                caring for the well-being of its consumers by:
       •    Exploring distribution systems within and outside the country
       •    Creating a Philippine presence in the international book scene
       •    Exporting selling rights abroad and able to fulfill demands of international markets
       •    Creating an environment of respect for intellectual property by publishers and consumers
       •    Creating highly-quality textbooks
       •    Building a reading culture among the people through reading campaigns
       •    Focusing on the legislative agenda
       •    Encouraging the creation of libraries within local governments and schools.

The proposed project or program must identify its stakeholders and invest on collaborative activities that will uplift the industry’s reputation and be aligned with its mission-vision. Approved program must be verified by the majority of the members of the committee with its rationale on the said approval. In case of a tie, the president of BDAP will be the tie-breaker.

      •    For a proposal for large funding (above P100,000), an approval of the BDAP is necessary, which shall be sought upon                             recommendation of the Fund Committee;
      •    For a proposal that is standard and requires limited funding (below P100,000), the approval of the members of the funding                      committee is sufficient.

The Fund Committee shall require the following documentation for its review and approval;

    A. Project Proposal Letter
         1. Description of the Project
         2. Objectives
             •    The primary and specific objectives of the proposed project
             •    The rationale of the project
         3. Project Concept
             •    A clear and direct linkage between the project activities and the outcomes
             •    The individuals who are involved in the project
             •    The beneficiaries of the project
             •    The beginning, duration and completion of such activity.
         4. Target Market/ Proponents
             •    The project proponents and target market
         5. Project Budget Plan
             •    Cost which are directly related to proposed activities and implementation of the objectives set forth in the proposed project                    outline
             •    Indirect cost need to be part of the budget
         6. Implementation Plan and Time Frame
             •    The sequence of activities and implementation plan

B. Organizational Background
     •    This is the description of the organization applying of the grant, and its capacity and commitment to implement the proposed                  project

Application should be emailed to by February 28, 2017.